Computer Networking

Your network is important because it keeps employees connected to the internet and other mission critical equipment such as printers and servers. If you’re having performance issues, or need that cabling mess cleaned up, give us a call!

We also install Unifi wireless networks. Whether you need an internet or network connection in a different building, or good wifi coverage throughout a large building, we have the right solutions to make that happen.

Here are some advantages of Office Computer Networking:

  • Connectivity and Communication – Networks connect computers and the users of those computers. Individuals within a building or work group can be connected into local area networks (LANs). Once connected, it is possible for network users to communicate with each other using technologies such as electronic mail. This makes the transmission of business information easier, more efficient and less expensive than it would be without the network.
  • Data Sharing – One of the most important uses of networking is to allow the sharing of data. Before networking was common, an employee who wanted to prepare a report would produce it on a PC, put it on a portable disk, and then walk it to the manager, who would transfer the data to her PC’s hard disk. Of course they could email the report back and forth with each making revisions, but quickly the most recent could get misplaced, if that file was stored in a central location they each could make the needed changes without ten versions. Networking allows several to thousands of employees to share data more easily and quickly. It makes possible applications that rely on the ability of many people to access and share the same data, such as databases, group software development, and much more. Intranets and extranets can be used to distribute corporate information between sites and to your business partners.
  • Hardware Sharing – Networks facilitate the sharing of hardware devices. For example, instead of each employee having an expensive color printer, one printer can be placed on the network for everyone to share.
  • Internet Access – The Internet is itself an enormous network, so whenever you access the Internet, you are using a network.
  • Data Security and Management – In a business environment, a network allows the administrators too much better manage the company’s critical data. Instead of having this data spread over many small computers in a haphazard fashion as their users create it; data can be centralized on shared servers. This process makes it easy for everyone to find the data, makes it possible for the administrators to ensure that the data is regularly backed up, and also allows for the implementation of security measures to control that can read or change pieces of critical information.
  • Performance Enhancement and Balancing – Under some circumstances, a network can be used to enhance the overall performance of some applications by distributing the computation tasks to various computers on the network.
  • Wireless – Everyone wants to be wireless these days. However, wireless networking equipment that isn’t set up properly is an open invitation to hackers. We can help you make an informed decision about integrating wireless connectivity and make sure that your choice will be secure.

Annual Maintenance

An annual maintenance contract (AMC) is an agreement with a service provider for the repair and maintenance of property used by your company.